A growing market force

With the steady growth of the Muslim population doubling in the last 30 years, the European Halal food market has grown rapidly in recent years and is developing into one of the most profitable and influential marketplaces in the food industry. This evolution has been triggered by changes in the mindsets of Muslim consumers and ethical consumer trends worldwide.

The popularity and demand for halal-certified products and services is not only due to the growing awareness among Muslim consumers of their religious obligations and their growing purchasing power, but also to the fact that the term Halal has become a symbol of quality, safety and ethical lifestyle that the new generation of young Muslims in Europe is seeking.

A new food culture

Not only has this created demand for products that are in line with Islamic values, but also a shift in Halal food supply chains. These products, which were traditionally offered in ethnic supermarkets only until a few years ago, are now increasingly finding their place on the shelves of Western grocery stores and large supermarket chains.

The increasing purchasing power of the Muslim population is also leading to an increasing demand for convenience and packaged foods. It is no longer limited to meat and poultry, but now includes many other product categories such as confectionery, canned and frozen food, dairy products, baked goods, drinks, etc.

Halal Family business

More and more retailers and wholesalers are targeting the Halal market, which has become one of the fastest growing consumer segments in the world. The Dutch company En-Fa Groothandel E.V. has become aware of this development early on. The family-owned company, based in Rotterdam, began producing and selling Ayran and gradually expanded its product range in subsequent years. 20 years later, with its growing popularity in the Dutch halal market, the company is now developing into an international supplier of high quality Halal products. The strategically favorable location of the company certainly contributes to its success: Rotterdam is Europe’s largest transshipment terminal is steadily growing to become the most important destination for the European Halal market. Even a separate warehouse exclusively for Halal products is planned here.


The products of En-Fa Groothandel E.V. are certified by the Rotterdam based European Certification Center for Halal.