Excellent food is served in absolute well-being atmosphere in this restaurant in Vienna-Meidling, with a large offer of Arabic and “typical” Austrian dishes. After the main course, be sure to enjoy a Bosnian coffee and one of the delicious desserts, such as the apple pie, stuffed eclairs or delicious pancakes. How about a refreshing mocktail?

Café-Bistro Zsam-Zsam
Vivenotgasse 8-10
1120 Vienna


Gül Bakery in the famous Naschmarkt is not only known for its extended opening hours. Apart from the always fresh bread, the bakery offers not only salty pastries, but also very good sweets, from Turkish baklava to croissants, donuts and delicious nut rolls.

Bäckerei Gül
Rechte Wienzeile 45
1050 Vienna


The cozy restaurant offers excellent Syrian and Lebanese cuisine. Fifty different desserts are offered, from Hamdi cocktails, a mixture of milkshake and fruit salad, to the delicious Halawet al Jebn, which are rolls of mozzarella and stuffed with a sweet cream – a must try!

Jasmin Al Sham
Heiligenstädter Straße 9
1190 Vienna


The Persian bakery Fadak is in full swing. It is the only place in Vienna where Iranian sweets are made according to traditional recipes. They taste very different from the Turkish or Arabic cuisine, in spite of their commun names. Most popular are the so-called Nan-Khameei, brandy donuts with a fantastic cream filling.

Bäckerei Fadak
Othmargasse 36
1200 Vienna


Prenses coffee shop offers a large selection freshly produced pastries every day. In addition to the large range of biscuits, we also recommend the cake variations. Made to order, even the most unusual cakes for different occasions are no problem for them to prepare!

Kaffeekonditorei Prenses Pastane
Wallensteinstraße 27
1200 Vienna


A very nice restaurant on Brunnenmarkt with a huge offer of always fresh cakes, tartlets and cuts.

Café Konditorei und Bäckerei Seven
Thaliastraße 67
1160 Vienna


The Trabzon bakery has been an integral part of Brunnenmarkt for many years. The family business is especially known for its pastries, such as biscuits in every imaginable variation!

Trabzon Ekmek Firini
Brunnengasse 65
1160 Wien


The restaurant looks quite inconspicuous from the outside, but is spacious and well equipped. The offer is very varied and rich, with à la carte dishes or low-priced buffet, which also includes desserts, such as traditional Turkish rice pudding – especially recommended for children!

Restaurant Etap
Neulerchenfelder Straße 13
1160 Wien


The bakery that never closes, offering hot and fresh baked goods throughout the day. In addition to Turkish specialties and puddings (for take away too), you can enjoy beautiful cakes and excellent strudel variations.

Diwan Backshop
Erlachgasse 96
1100 Vienna


Family atmosphere in the 10th district. In addition to traditional Turkish pastries, the restaurant also offers desserts and pies, on request for special occasions too.

Restaurant Seyidoğlu
Quellenstrasse 50
1100 Vienna


For years, Aslan bakery spoiled their customers with best baked goods in Siebenbrunnengasse. In addition to their excellent traditional pastries such as donuts or baklava, the bakery offers excellent Turkish milk pudding called Muhallebi.

Bäckerei Aslan
Siebenbrunnengasse 75
1050 Vienna


A Turkish bakery in the Viennese district of Simmering, specialized in pies. The shop offers a large variety of fruit tarts, the banana slices are especially tasteful!

Altun Backshop
Simmeringer Hauptstraße 87A
1100 Vienna